Photography Policies


Volunteer Photographers can be found in the Garden wearing yellow vests. These volunteers will be able to provide photography assistance at no cost to you. The photos will be uploaded online, via the website and social media, after the event. Print outs of your photo(s) will also be available onsite for a small fee. In order to create a fair opportunity for attendees to request assistance from volunteer photographers, there is limit of either 15 minutes or 3 photo picks, whichever comes first. The top three photo picks do not necessarily mean three photos total. The top three photo picks can be three styles, with ONE final pick for each one. For example, a wide shot, a close-up, and a pose variant.

Prior to requesting photos from volunteers, attendees must:


Please use your best judgement when taking photos and respect the Garden environment as possible. We ask that you maintain a PG rating content in the garden and all photos are subject to staff’s evaluation. If a staff member feels you are out of the boundaries of our photo rules, you may be asked to stop, erase the photo(s), and/or exit the Garden.

Please keep in mind:

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